How to Setup Page-Level Ads in Blogspot Blogs

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How to Setup Page-Level Ads in Blogspot Blogs: Page-level ads is now available for all Blogspot Bloggers and Webmasters through which you are able to display AdSense Ads right on your mobile templates. You can now monetize your efforts on the templates as you do with mobile apps all credit goes to Google Admob Ads.

Online HTML to XML Parser Tool | AdSense Code Converter

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Online HTML to XML Parser Tool | AdSense Code Converter: Here we are going to provide you
Online HTML to XML Parser Tool | AdSense Code Converter the HTML to XML Parser tool. This tool will help you to convert the HTML code in to the XML Code. You can parse your code from HTML to XML easily with the help of this tool. Many bloggers tries to put AdSense Code in the middle of the post but they can't do it without parsing it on XML Format because latest blogger templates are not supporting HTML in the post body section. So if you also want to parse your Html code then don't worry because this tool will convert your Adsense,chitika, Adbrite and any HTML code into XML coding which are compatible with the blogger templates.


Online HTML to XML Parser Tool | AdSense Code Converter

Enter your Adsense code :
Parsed Adsense Code :

Note : After Putting the Adsense code in the first column just click outside anywhere on this page.
Adsense Parser will convert / parse your google adsense, chitika, infolink, adbrite, adsforindian ad code converted to Encoded HTML code for adding in your blogger templates. Blogger templates don't allow html code in to xml templates so this tool are very important for every blogger user.

Google AdSense Approval Process 2016

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Here is the process for AdSense approval 2016-2017: Hi Guys, Today we are going to discussing about the Google AdSense Approval process 2016. As we know that getting Google AdSense is not tough. Google made changes in their privacy policies day by day so you should know about what is the actual process to get Google AdSense Approved Easily. Adsense is famous and reputed online advertising networks. What is the process? - You create a new AdSense account, your account is reviewed, Adsense team accepts your application, implement ads on your site and start making money. Before going to apply for Google Adsense you must have following things as mentioned below
    Here is the process for AdSense approval 2016-2017
  1. Make a sure your website is compatible with AdSense
  2. Then, Sign up for an AdSense account
  3. Login to your AdSense account
  4. Add / Implement the AdSense code
  5. After even implementing the code on your blog, it shows blank ads until final approval.
  6. Then wait for 48 hours to review your application. Once your application is approved, it would start showing ads on your blog & you will start earning dollar.

Here is the process for AdSense approval 2016-2017:

  • Register for an AdSense account by going to Provide all the correct information about your Name, Address, and Website URL.
  • Login to AdSense account, creates AdSense codes. Place the codes in your blog sidebar.
  • Ads will shows as blank until final approval process doesn’t finish. It may take about 48 hours to one week for approval.
  • After the final AdSense approval, you will get a confirmation email.
  • Once your AdSense earning reaches $10, AdSense will mail you a PIN to your address.
  • Login to your AdSense account, and enter the Pin once you receive it.
Congrats you have completed all the steps. Once your account reaches $100, Google will send you or wire you’re earning. I recommend you to enable direct bank transfer for AdSense payments.
Though this will certainly help in domain ownership verification and more over those who are signing up using someone else website, might find it tough to get into Adsense. Nonetheless, if your account is still rejected, it’s time to try out Adsense alternatives.

Have you signed up for Adsense recently? How was your experience with new AdSense approval process?

Basic & Natural SEO For Blogger

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Basic & Natural SEO For Blogger: To Day we are going to talking about Basic Search Engine Optimization for you which you should do naturally for blog for better ranking on google. Many new bee blogger thinks that blog on the Blogger platform are very slow in every think like search, load time, SE etc. because it's free. Blogs hosted on free servers, such as Blogger can be really fast and well positioned on the Internet if you are using the right SEO tools.

Now you can hire a SEO Specialist for your Blog's SEO Optimization if you don't want to hire any person then don't worry we will help you to do it yourself.  However, if you don't have the resources or you want to learn doing this job alone, you can choose to begin with the natural SEO.